Fund Directory - Bridge Builder Funds

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Fund Category
BBTBXBridge Builder Core Bond FundMulti-Sector Income
BBCPXBridge Builder Core Plus Bond FundCore Plus Bond
BBIEXBridge Builder International Equity FundInternational Large-Cap Core
BBGLXBridge Builder Large Cap Growth FundLarge-Cap Growth
BBVLXBridge Builder Large Cap Value FundMulti-Cap Value
BBMUXBridge Builder Municipal Bond FundGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
BBMHXBridge Builder Municipal High-Income Bond FundHigh Yield Municipal Debt
BBGSXBridge Builder Small/Mid Cap Growth FundMid-Cap Growth
BBVSXBridge Builder Small/Mid Cap Value FundMid-Cap Core
BBTIXBridge Builder Tax Managed International Equity FundInternational Large-Cap Core
BBTLXBridge Builder Tax Managed Large Cap FundLarge-Cap Core
BBTSXBridge Builder Tax Managed Small/Mid Cap FundMid-Cap Core

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