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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Fund Category
COMDirexion Auspice Broad Commodity Strategy ETFCommodities General
TMVDirexion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bear 3X SharesSpecialty Fixed-Income
TMFDirexion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bull 3X SharesSpecialty Fixed-Income
TENGDirexion Daily 5G Communications Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
TYODirexion Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bear 3X SharesSpecialty Fixed-Income
TYDDirexion Daily 7-10 Year Treasury Bull 3X SharesSpecialty Fixed-Income
DFENDirexion Daily Aerospace & Defense Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
CHADDirexion Daily CSI 300 China A Share Bear 1X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
CHAUDirexion Daily CSI 300 China A Share Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
CWEBDirexion Daily CSI China Internet Index Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
CLDSDirexion Daily Cloud Computing Bear 2X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
CLDLDirexion Daily Cloud Computing Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
WANTDirexion Daily Consumer Discretionary Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
WEBSDirexion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
WEBLDirexion Daily Dow Jones Internet Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
ERYDirexion Daily Energy Bear 2X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
ERXDirexion Daily Energy Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
YANGDirexion Daily FTSE China Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
YINNDirexion Daily FTSE China Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
EURLDirexion Daily FTSE Europe Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
FNTCDirexion Daily FinTech Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
FAZDirexion Daily Financial Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
FASDirexion Daily Financial Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
KLNEDirexion Daily Global Clean Energy Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
DUSTDirexion Daily Gold Miners Index Bear 2X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
NUGTDirexion Daily Gold Miners Index Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
CUREDirexion Daily Healthcare Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
NAILDirexion Daily Homebuilders & Supplies Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
DUSLDirexion Daily Industrials Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
JDSTDirexion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bear 2X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
JNUGDirexion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
BRZUDirexion Daily MSCI Brazil Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
EDZDirexion Daily MSCI Emerging Markets Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
EDCDirexion Daily MSCI Emerging Markets Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
INDLDirexion Daily MSCI India Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
MEXXDirexion Daily MSCI Mexico Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
KORUDirexion Daily MSCI South Korea Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
MNMDirexion Daily Metal Miners Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
MIDUDirexion Daily Mid Cap Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
ONGDirexion Daily Oil Services Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
PILLDirexion Daily Pharmaceutical & Medical Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
DRVDirexion Daily Real Estate Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
DRNDirexion Daily Real Estate Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
DPSTDirexion Daily Regional Banks Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
RETLDirexion Daily Retail Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
UBOTDirexion Daily Robotics Artificial Intelligence & Automation Index Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
RUSLDirexion Daily Russia Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
SPDNDirexion Daily S&P 500 Bear 1X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
SPXSDirexion Daily S&P 500 Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
SPUUDirexion Daily S&P 500 Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
SPXLDirexion Daily S&P 500 Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
EVENDirexion Daily S&P 500 Equal Weight Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
HIBSDirexion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
HIBLDirexion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
LABDDirexion Daily S&P Biotech Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
LABUDirexion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
DRIPDirexion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp & Prod Bear 2X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
GUSHDirexion Daily S&P Oil & Gas Exp & Prod Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
FNGGDirexion Daily Select Large Caps & FANGs Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
SOXSDirexion Daily Semiconductor Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
SOXLDirexion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
TZADirexion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
TNADirexion Daily Small Cap Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
SWARDirexion Daily Software Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
TECSDirexion Daily Technology Bear 3X SharesDedicated Short-Bias
TECLDirexion Daily Technology Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
TPORDirexion Daily Transportation Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
OOTODirexion Daily Travel & Vacation Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
DOZRDirexion Daily US Infrastructure Bull 2X SharesEquity Leverage
UTSLDirexion Daily Utilities Bull 3X SharesEquity Leverage
NIFEDirexion Fallen Knives ETFMid-Cap Value
HJENDirexion Hydrogen ETFAlternative Energy Funds
LOPXDirexion Low Priced Stock ETFSmall-Cap Core
DXKSXDirexion Monthly 7-10 Year Treasury Bear 2x FundInvestorSpecialty Fixed-Income
DXKLXDirexion Monthly 7-10 Year Treasury Bull 2x FundInvestorSpecialty Fixed-Income
DXELXDirexion Monthly Emerging Markets Bull 2x FundInvestorEquity Leverage
DXHYXDirexion Monthly High Yield Bull 1.2X FundInvestorSpecialty Fixed-Income
DXNLXDirexion Monthly NASDAQ-100 Bull 1.25X FundInvestorEquity Leverage
DXQLXDirexion Monthly NASDAQ-100 Bull 2x FundInvestorEquity Leverage
DXSSXDirexion Monthly S&P 500 Bear 2x FundInvestorDedicated Short-Bias
DXSLXDirexion Monthly S&P 500 Bull 2x FundInvestorEquity Leverage
DXRSXDirexion Monthly Small Cap Bear 2x FundInvestorDedicated Short-Bias
DXRLXDirexion Monthly Small Cap Bull 2x FundInvestorEquity Leverage
MOONDirexion Moonshot Innovators ETFScience and Technology
QQQEDirexion NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Index SharesMulti-Cap Growth
TYNEDirexion Nanotechnology ETFIndustrials
RWGVDirexion Russell 1000 Growth Over Value ETFAlternative Active Extension
RWVGDirexion Russell 1000 Value Over Growth ETFAlternative Active Extension
WFHDirexion Work From Home ETFScience and Technology
WWOWDirexion World Without Waste ETFAlternative Energy Funds
MSGRDirexion mRNA ETFGlobal Health/Biotechnology
HCYIXHilton Tactical Income FundInstitutionalFlexible Portfolio
HCYAXHilton Tactical Income FundInvestorFlexible Portfolio

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