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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Fund Category
FEFAXFirst Eagle Fund of AmericaAMulti-Cap Core
FEAMXFirst Eagle Fund of AmericaCMulti-Cap Core
FEAIXFirst Eagle Fund of AmericaIMulti-Cap Core
EARFXFirst Eagle Fund of AmericaR3Multi-Cap Core
EAFRXFirst Eagle Fund of AmericaR4Multi-Cap Core
FERFXFirst Eagle Fund of AmericaR5Multi-Cap Core
FEFRXFirst Eagle Fund of AmericaR6Multi-Cap Core
FEAFXFirst Eagle Fund of AmericaYMulti-Cap Core
SGENXFirst Eagle Global FundAFlexible Portfolio
FESGXFirst Eagle Global FundCFlexible Portfolio
SGIIXFirst Eagle Global FundIFlexible Portfolio
EARGXFirst Eagle Global FundR3Flexible Portfolio
EAGRXFirst Eagle Global FundR4Flexible Portfolio
FRGLXFirst Eagle Global FundR5Flexible Portfolio
FEGRXFirst Eagle Global FundR6Flexible Portfolio
FEBAXFirst Eagle Global Income Builder FundAFlexible Portfolio
FEBCXFirst Eagle Global Income Builder FundCFlexible Portfolio
FEBIXFirst Eagle Global Income Builder FundIFlexible Portfolio
FBRRXFirst Eagle Global Income Builder FundR3Flexible Portfolio
FIBRXFirst Eagle Global Income Builder FundR4Flexible Portfolio
EABRXFirst Eagle Global Income Builder FundR5Flexible Portfolio
FEBRXFirst Eagle Global Income Builder FundR6Flexible Portfolio
FERAXFirst Eagle Global Real Assets FundAReal Return
FEREXFirst Eagle Global Real Assets FundIReal Return
FERRXFirst Eagle Global Real Assets FundR6Real Return
SGGDXFirst Eagle Gold FundAPrecious Metals Equity
FEGOXFirst Eagle Gold FundCPrecious Metals Equity
FEGIXFirst Eagle Gold FundIPrecious Metals Equity
EAURXFirst Eagle Gold FundR3Precious Metals Equity
FIURXFirst Eagle Gold FundR4Precious Metals Equity
FERUXFirst Eagle Gold FundR5Precious Metals Equity
FEURXFirst Eagle Gold FundR6Precious Metals Equity
FEHAXFirst Eagle High Income FundAHigh Yield
FEHCXFirst Eagle High Income FundCHigh Yield
FEHIXFirst Eagle High Income FundIHigh Yield
EARHXFirst Eagle High Income FundR3High Yield
FIHRXFirst Eagle High Income FundR4High Yield
FERHXFirst Eagle High Income FundR5High Yield
FEHRXFirst Eagle High Income FundR6High Yield
SGOVXFirst Eagle Overseas FundAInternational Multi-Cap Value
FESOXFirst Eagle Overseas FundCInternational Multi-Cap Value
SGOIXFirst Eagle Overseas FundIInternational Multi-Cap Value
EAROXFirst Eagle Overseas FundR3International Multi-Cap Value
FIORXFirst Eagle Overseas FundR4International Multi-Cap Value
FEROXFirst Eagle Overseas FundR5International Multi-Cap Value
FEORXFirst Eagle Overseas FundR6International Multi-Cap Value
FESAXFirst Eagle Small Cap Opportunity FundASmall-Cap Value
FESCXFirst Eagle Small Cap Opportunity FundISmall-Cap Value
FESRXFirst Eagle Small Cap Opportunity FundR6Small-Cap Value
FEVAXFirst Eagle US Value FundAMulti-Cap Value
FEVCXFirst Eagle US Value FundCMulti-Cap Value
FEVIXFirst Eagle US Value FundIMulti-Cap Value
EARVXFirst Eagle US Value FundR3Multi-Cap Value
FIVRXFirst Eagle US Value FundR4Multi-Cap Value
FERVXFirst Eagle US Value FundR5Multi-Cap Value
FEVRXFirst Eagle US Value FundR6Multi-Cap Value

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