Fund Directory - Kinetics Mutual Funds

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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Fund Category
KWIAXAlternative Income FundAdvisor ASpecialty Fixed-Income
KWICXAlternative Income FundAdvisor CSpecialty Fixed-Income
KWIIXAlternative Income FundInstitutionalSpecialty Fixed-Income
KWINXAlternative Income FundNo LoadSpecialty Fixed-Income
KGLAXGlobal FundAdvisor AGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap
KGLCXGlobal FundAdvisor CGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap
WWWEXGlobal FundNo LoadGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap
KINAXInternet FundAdvisor AScience and Technology
KINCXInternet FundAdvisor CScience and Technology
WWWFXInternet FundNo LoadScience and Technology
KMDAXKinetics Multi-Disciplinary Income FundAdvisor AMulti-Sector Income
KMDCXKinetics Multi-Disciplinary Income FundAdvisor CMulti-Sector Income
KMDYXKinetics Multi-Disciplinary Income FundInstitutionalMulti-Sector Income
KMDNXKinetics Multi-Disciplinary Income FundNo LoadMulti-Sector Income
LSHAXKinetics Spin-Off and Corporate Restructuring FundAdvisor AGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap
LSHCXKinetics Spin-Off and Corporate Restructuring FundAdvisor CGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap
LSHUXKinetics Spin-Off and Corporate Restructuring FundInstitutionalGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap
LSHEXKinetics Spin-off and Corporate Restructuring FundNo LoadGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap
KMKAXMarket Opportunities FundAdvisor AFlexible Portfolio
KMKCXMarket Opportunities FundAdvisor CFlexible Portfolio
KMKYXMarket Opportunities FundInstitutionalFlexible Portfolio
KMKNXMarket Opportunities FundNo LoadFlexible Portfolio
KRXAXMedical FundAdvisor AGlobal Health/Biotechnology
KRXCXMedical FundAdvisor CGlobal Health/Biotechnology
MEDRXMedical FundNo LoadGlobal Health/Biotechnology
KNPAXParadigm FundAdvisor ASmall-Cap Growth
KNPCXParadigm FundAdvisor CSmall-Cap Growth
KNPYXParadigm FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Growth
WWNPXParadigm FundNo LoadSmall-Cap Growth
KSOAXSmall Cap Opportunities FundAdvisor AGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap
KSOCXSmall Cap Opportunities FundAdvisor CGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap
KSCYXSmall Cap Opportunities FundInstitutionalGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap
KSCOXSmall Cap Opportunities FundNo LoadGLOBAL Small/Mid-Cap

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