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Ticker Symbol Fund Name Share Class Fund Category
IEYAXDelaware Climate Solutions FundANatural Resources
IEYCXDelaware Climate Solutions FundCNatural Resources
IVEIXDelaware Climate Solutions FundINatural Resources
IYEFXDelaware Climate Solutions FundRNatural Resources
IENRXDelaware Climate Solutions FundR6Natural Resources
IEYYXDelaware Climate Solutions FundYNatural Resources
DGCAXDelaware Corporate Bond FundACorporate Debt BBB-Rated
DGCCXDelaware Corporate Bond FundCCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
DGCRXDelaware Corporate Bond FundRCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
DGCZXDelaware Corporate Bond FundR6Corporate Debt BBB-Rated
DGCIXDelaware Corporate Bond FundInstitutionalCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
FRCCXDelaware Covered Call Strategy FundAAlternative Long/Short Equity
FRCEXDelaware Covered Call Strategy FundR6Alternative Long/Short Equity
FRCDXDelaware Covered Call Strategy FundInstitutionalAlternative Long/Short Equity
DPDFXDelaware Diversified Income FundACore Plus Bond
DPCFXDelaware Diversified Income FundCCore Plus Bond
DPRFXDelaware Diversified Income FundRCore Plus Bond
DPZRXDelaware Diversified Income FundR6Core Plus Bond
DPFFXDelaware Diversified Income FundInstitutionalCore Plus Bond
DEDAXDelaware Emerging Markets Debt Corporate FundAEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
DEDCXDelaware Emerging Markets Debt Corporate FundCEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
DEDRXDelaware Emerging Markets Debt Corporate FundREmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
DEDIXDelaware Emerging Markets Debt Corporate FundInstitutionalEmerging Market Hard Currency Debt
FIUTXDelaware Equity Income FundAEquity Income
FIUVXDelaware Equity Income FundR6Equity Income
FIUUXDelaware Equity Income FundInstitutionalEquity Income
DEEAXDelaware Extended Duration Bond FundACorporate Debt BBB-Rated
DEECXDelaware Extended Duration Bond FundCCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
DEERXDelaware Extended Duration Bond FundRCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
DEZRXDelaware Extended Duration Bond FundR6Corporate Debt BBB-Rated
DEEIXDelaware Extended Duration Bond FundInstitutionalCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
DDFAXDelaware Floating Rate FundALoan Participation
DDFCXDelaware Floating Rate FundCLoan Participation
DDFFXDelaware Floating Rate FundRLoan Participation
DDFZXDelaware Floating Rate FundR6Loan Participation
DDFLXDelaware Floating Rate FundInstitutionalLoan Participation
FIISXDelaware Global Equity FundAGlobal Multi-Cap Value
FIIUXDelaware Global Equity FundR6Global Multi-Cap Value
FIITXDelaware Global Equity FundInstitutionalGlobal Multi-Cap Value
DPREXDelaware Global Listed Real Assets FundAReal Return
DPRCXDelaware Global Listed Real Assets FundCReal Return
DPRRXDelaware Global Listed Real Assets FundRReal Return
DPRDXDelaware Global Listed Real Assets FundR6Real Return
DPRSXDelaware Global Listed Real Assets FundInstitutionalReal Return
IREAXDelaware Global Real Estate FundAGlobal Real Estate
IRECXDelaware Global Real Estate FundCGlobal Real Estate
IRESXDelaware Global Real Estate FundIGlobal Real Estate
IRERXDelaware Global Real Estate FundRGlobal Real Estate
IRENXDelaware Global Real Estate FundR6Global Real Estate
IREYXDelaware Global Real Estate FundYGlobal Real Estate
IBIAXDelaware Global Value Equity FundAGlobal Equity Income
IBICXDelaware Global Value Equity FundCGlobal Equity Income
IBIIXDelaware Global Value Equity FundIGlobal Equity Income
IYGEXDelaware Global Value Equity FundRGlobal Equity Income
IICNXDelaware Global Value Equity FundR6Global Equity Income
IBIYXDelaware Global Value Equity FundYGlobal Equity Income
FGINXDelaware Growth & Income FundAEquity Income
FGIQXDelaware Growth & Income FundR6Equity Income
FGIPXDelaware Growth & Income FundInstitutionalEquity Income
FICGXDelaware Growth Equity FundAMulti-Cap Core
FICIXDelaware Growth Equity FundR6Multi-Cap Core
FICHXDelaware Growth Equity FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Core
DLHAXDelaware Healthcare FundAHealth/Biotechnology
DLHCXDelaware Healthcare FundCHealth/Biotechnology
DLRHXDelaware Healthcare FundRHealth/Biotechnology
DLHIXDelaware Healthcare FundInstitutionalHealth/Biotechnology
FHEJXDelaware Hedged US Equity Opportunities FundAMulti-Cap Core
FHELXDelaware Hedged US Equity Opportunities FundR6Multi-Cap Core
FHEKXDelaware Hedged US Equity Opportunities FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Core
DHOAXDelaware High-Yield Opportunities FundAHigh Yield
DHOCXDelaware High-Yield Opportunities FundCHigh Yield
DHIRXDelaware High-Yield Opportunities FundRHigh Yield
DHIZXDelaware High-Yield Opportunities FundR6High Yield
DHOIXDelaware High-Yield Opportunities FundInstitutionalHigh Yield
DGGAXDelaware International Small Cap FundAInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
DGGCXDelaware International Small Cap FundCInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
DGGRXDelaware International Small Cap FundRInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
DGRRXDelaware International Small Cap FundR6International Small/Mid-Cap Growth
DGGIXDelaware International Small Cap FundInstitutionalInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
DEGIXDelaware International Value Equity FundAInternational Multi-Cap Core
DEGCXDelaware International Value Equity FundCInternational Multi-Cap Core
DIVRXDelaware International Value Equity FundRInternational Multi-Cap Core
DEQRXDelaware International Value Equity FundR6International Multi-Cap Core
DEQIXDelaware International Value Equity FundInstitutionalInternational Multi-Cap Core
DLTAXDelaware Investments Ultrashort FundAUltra Short Obligation
DLTCXDelaware Investments Ultrashort FundCUltra Short Obligation
DLTLXDelaware Investments Ultrashort FundLUltra Short Obligation
DULTXDelaware Investments Ultrashort FundInstitutionalUltra Short Obligation
IATAXDelaware Ivy Accumulative FundAMulti-Cap Growth
IATCXDelaware Ivy Accumulative FundCMulti-Cap Growth
IATIXDelaware Ivy Accumulative FundIMulti-Cap Growth
IATNXDelaware Ivy Accumulative FundR6Multi-Cap Growth
IMAAXDelaware Ivy Apollo Multi-Asset Income FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
IMACXDelaware Ivy Apollo Multi-Asset Income FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
IMURXDelaware Ivy Apollo Multi-Asset Income FundR6Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
IMAYXDelaware Ivy Apollo Multi-Asset Income FundYMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
IMAIXDelaware Ivy Apollo Multi-Asset Income FunddIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
IAPOXDelaware Ivy Apollo Strategic Income FundAMulti-Sector Income
ICPOXDelaware Ivy Apollo Strategic Income FundCMulti-Sector Income
IIPOXDelaware Ivy Apollo Strategic Income FundIMulti-Sector Income
IRPOXDelaware Ivy Apollo Strategic Income FundR6Multi-Sector Income
IYPOXDelaware Ivy Apollo Strategic Income FundYMulti-Sector Income
WASAXDelaware Ivy Asset Strategy FundAAlternative Global MACRO
WASCXDelaware Ivy Asset Strategy FundCAlternative Global MACRO
IVAEXDelaware Ivy Asset Strategy FundIAlternative Global MACRO
IASRXDelaware Ivy Asset Strategy FundRAlternative Global MACRO
IASTXDelaware Ivy Asset Strategy FundR6Alternative Global MACRO
WASYXDelaware Ivy Asset Strategy FundYAlternative Global MACRO
IBNAXDelaware Ivy Balanced FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
IBNCXDelaware Ivy Balanced FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
IYBIXDelaware Ivy Balanced FundIMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
IYBFXDelaware Ivy Balanced FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
IBARXDelaware Ivy Balanced FundR6Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
IBNYXDelaware Ivy Balanced FundYMixed-Asset Target Allocation Growth
IMHAXDelaware Ivy California Municipal High Income FundACalifornia Municipal Debt
IMHCXDelaware Ivy California Municipal High Income FundCCalifornia Municipal Debt
IMHIXDelaware Ivy California Municipal High Income FundICalifornia Municipal Debt
IMHYXDelaware Ivy California Municipal High Income FundYCalifornia Municipal Debt
IBOAXDelaware Ivy Core Bond FundACorporate Debt A-Rated
IBOCXDelaware Ivy Core Bond FundCCorporate Debt A-Rated
IVBIXDelaware Ivy Core Bond FundICorporate Debt A-Rated
IYBDXDelaware Ivy Core Bond FundRCorporate Debt A-Rated
IBNDXDelaware Ivy Core Bond FundR6Corporate Debt A-Rated
IBOYXDelaware Ivy Core Bond FundYCorporate Debt A-Rated
WCEAXDelaware Ivy Core Equity FundALarge-Cap Core
WTRCXDelaware Ivy Core Equity FundCLarge-Cap Core
ICIEXDelaware Ivy Core Equity FundILarge-Cap Core
IYCEXDelaware Ivy Core Equity FundRLarge-Cap Core
ICEQXDelaware Ivy Core Equity FundR6Large-Cap Core
WCEYXDelaware Ivy Core Equity FundYLarge-Cap Core
IBJAXDelaware Ivy Corporate Bond FundACorporate Debt BBB-Rated
IBJCXDelaware Ivy Corporate Bond FundCCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
IBJIXDelaware Ivy Corporate Bond FundICorporate Debt BBB-Rated
IBJYXDelaware Ivy Corporate Bond FundYCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
ICKAXDelaware Ivy Crossover Credit FundACorporate Debt BBB-Rated
ICKIXDelaware Ivy Crossover Credit FundICorporate Debt BBB-Rated
ICKYXDelaware Ivy Crossover Credit FundYCorporate Debt BBB-Rated
IVSAXDelaware Ivy Global Bond FundAGlobal Income
IVSCXDelaware Ivy Global Bond FundCGlobal Income
IVSIXDelaware Ivy Global Bond FundIGlobal Income
IYGOXDelaware Ivy Global Bond FundRGlobal Income
IVBDXDelaware Ivy Global Bond FundR6Global Income
IVSYXDelaware Ivy Global Bond FundYGlobal Income
IVINXDelaware Ivy Global Growth FundAGlobal Large-Cap Core
IVNCXDelaware Ivy Global Growth FundCGlobal Large-Cap Core
IGIIXDelaware Ivy Global Growth FundIGlobal Large-Cap Core
IYIGXDelaware Ivy Global Growth FundRGlobal Large-Cap Core
ITGRXDelaware Ivy Global Growth FundR6Global Large-Cap Core
IVIYXDelaware Ivy Global Growth FundYGlobal Large-Cap Core
IGJAXDelaware Ivy Government Securities FundAGeneral U.S. Government
IGJCXDelaware Ivy Government Securities FundCGeneral U.S. Government
IGJIXDelaware Ivy Government Securities FundIGeneral U.S. Government
IGJNXDelaware Ivy Government Securities FundR6General U.S. Government
WHIAXDelaware Ivy High Income FundAHigh Yield
WRHIXDelaware Ivy High Income FundCHigh Yield
IVHIXDelaware Ivy High Income FundIHigh Yield
IYHIXDelaware Ivy High Income FundRHigh Yield
IHIFXDelaware Ivy High Income FundR6High Yield
WHIYXDelaware Ivy High Income FundYHigh Yield
IVIAXDelaware Ivy International Core Equity FundAInternational Large-Cap Core
IVIFXDelaware Ivy International Core Equity FundCInternational Large-Cap Core
ICEIXDelaware Ivy International Core Equity FundIInternational Large-Cap Core
IYITXDelaware Ivy International Core Equity FundRInternational Large-Cap Core
IINCXDelaware Ivy International Core Equity FundR6International Large-Cap Core
IVVYXDelaware Ivy International Core Equity FundYInternational Large-Cap Core
IVJAXDelaware Ivy International Small Cap FundAInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
IVJCXDelaware Ivy International Small Cap FundCInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
IVJIXDelaware Ivy International Small Cap FundIInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
IVJRXDelaware Ivy International Small Cap FundR6International Small/Mid-Cap Growth
IVJYXDelaware Ivy International Small Cap FundYInternational Small/Mid-Cap Growth
WLGAXDelaware Ivy Large Cap Growth FundALarge-Cap Growth
WLGCXDelaware Ivy Large Cap Growth FundCLarge-Cap Growth
IYGIXDelaware Ivy Large Cap Growth FundILarge-Cap Growth
WLGRXDelaware Ivy Large Cap Growth FundRLarge-Cap Growth
ILGRXDelaware Ivy Large Cap Growth FundR6Large-Cap Growth
WLGYXDelaware Ivy Large Cap Growth FundYLarge-Cap Growth
WLTAXDelaware Ivy Limited-Term Bond FundAShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
WLBCXDelaware Ivy Limited-Term Bond FundCShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
ILTIXDelaware Ivy Limited-Term Bond FundIShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
IYLTXDelaware Ivy Limited-Term Bond FundRShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
ILMDXDelaware Ivy Limited-Term Bond FundR6Short-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
WLTYXDelaware Ivy Limited-Term Bond FundYShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
IVTAXDelaware Ivy Managed International Opportunities FundAInternational Multi-Cap Core
IVTCXDelaware Ivy Managed International Opportunities FundCInternational Multi-Cap Core
IVTIXDelaware Ivy Managed International Opportunities FundIInternational Multi-Cap Core
IYMGXDelaware Ivy Managed International Opportunities FundRInternational Multi-Cap Core
IVTNXDelaware Ivy Managed International Opportunities FundR6International Multi-Cap Core
IVTYXDelaware Ivy Managed International Opportunities FundYInternational Multi-Cap Core
WMGAXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Growth FundAMid-Cap Growth
WMGCXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Growth FundCMid-Cap Growth
IYMIXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Growth FundIMid-Cap Growth
WMGRXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Growth FundRMid-Cap Growth
IGRFXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Growth FundR6Mid-Cap Growth
WMGYXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Growth FundYMid-Cap Growth
IVOAXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities FundAMid-Cap Core
IVOCXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities FundCMid-Cap Core
IVOIXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities FundIMid-Cap Core
IVORXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities FundRMid-Cap Core
IVOSXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities FundR6Mid-Cap Core
IVOYXDelaware Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities FundYMid-Cap Core
WMBAXDelaware Ivy Municipal Bond FundAGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
WMBCXDelaware Ivy Municipal Bond FundCGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
IMBIXDelaware Ivy Municipal Bond FundIGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
IMBNXDelaware Ivy Municipal Bond FundR6General and Insured Municipal Debt
IYIAXDelaware Ivy Municipal High Income FundAHigh Yield Municipal Debt
IYICXDelaware Ivy Municipal High Income FundCHigh Yield Municipal Debt
WYMHXDelaware Ivy Municipal High Income FundIHigh Yield Municipal Debt
IYINXDelaware Ivy Municipal High Income FundR6High Yield Municipal Debt
IYIYXDelaware Ivy Municipal High Income FundYHigh Yield Municipal Debt
IGNAXDelaware Ivy Natural Resources FundAGlobal Natural Resources
IGNCXDelaware Ivy Natural Resources FundCGlobal Natural Resources
IGNIXDelaware Ivy Natural Resources FundIGlobal Natural Resources
IGNRXDelaware Ivy Natural Resources FundRGlobal Natural Resources
INRSXDelaware Ivy Natural Resources FundR6Global Natural Resources
IGNYXDelaware Ivy Natural Resources FundYGlobal Natural Resources
IECAXDelaware Ivy Pictet Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt FundAEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
IECCXDelaware Ivy Pictet Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt FundCEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
IECIXDelaware Ivy Pictet Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt FundIEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
IMMCXDelaware Ivy Pictet Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt FundR6Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt
IECYXDelaware Ivy Pictet Emerging Markets Local Currency Debt FundYEmerging Markets Local Currency Debt
IPNAXDelaware Ivy PineBridge High Yield FundAHigh Yield
IPNIXDelaware Ivy PineBridge High Yield FundIHigh Yield
IPNNXDelaware Ivy PineBridge High Yield FundR6High Yield
ICDAXDelaware Ivy Pzena International Value FundAInternational Multi-Cap Value
ICDCXDelaware Ivy Pzena International Value FundCInternational Multi-Cap Value
ICVIXDelaware Ivy Pzena International Value FundIInternational Multi-Cap Value
IYCUXDelaware Ivy Pzena International Value FundRInternational Multi-Cap Value
ICNGXDelaware Ivy Pzena International Value FundR6International Multi-Cap Value
ICDYXDelaware Ivy Pzena International Value FundYInternational Multi-Cap Value
WSTAXDelaware Ivy Science & Technology FundAScience and Technology
WSTCXDelaware Ivy Science & Technology FundCScience and Technology
ISTIXDelaware Ivy Science & Technology FundIScience and Technology
WSTRXDelaware Ivy Science & Technology FundRScience and Technology
ISTNXDelaware Ivy Science & Technology FundR6Science and Technology
WSTYXDelaware Ivy Science & Technology FundYScience and Technology
IYSAXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Core FundASmall-Cap Core
IYSCXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Core FundCSmall-Cap Core
IVVIXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Core FundISmall-Cap Core
IYSMXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Core FundRSmall-Cap Core
ISPVXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Core FundR6Small-Cap Core
IYSYXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Core FundYSmall-Cap Core
WSGAXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Growth FundASmall-Cap Growth
WRGCXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Growth FundCSmall-Cap Growth
IYSIXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Growth FundISmall-Cap Growth
WSGRXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Growth FundRSmall-Cap Growth
IRGFXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Growth FundR6Small-Cap Growth
WSCYXDelaware Ivy Small Cap Growth FundYSmall-Cap Growth
IPOAXDelaware Ivy Systematic Emerging Markets Equity FundAEmerging Markets
IPOCXDelaware Ivy Systematic Emerging Markets Equity FundCEmerging Markets
IPOIXDelaware Ivy Systematic Emerging Markets Equity FundIEmerging Markets
IYPCXDelaware Ivy Systematic Emerging Markets Equity FundREmerging Markets
IMEGXDelaware Ivy Systematic Emerging Markets Equity FundR6Emerging Markets
IPOYXDelaware Ivy Systematic Emerging Markets Equity FundYEmerging Markets
IRBAXDelaware Ivy Total Return Bond FundAAlternative Credit Focus
IRBCXDelaware Ivy Total Return Bond FundCAlternative Credit Focus
IRBIXDelaware Ivy Total Return Bond FundIAlternative Credit Focus
IRBRXDelaware Ivy Total Return Bond FundR6Alternative Credit Focus
IYVAXDelaware Ivy Value FundAMulti-Cap Value
IYVCXDelaware Ivy Value FundCMulti-Cap Value
IYAIXDelaware Ivy Value FundIMulti-Cap Value
IYVLXDelaware Ivy Value FundRMulti-Cap Value
IVALXDelaware Ivy Value FundR6Multi-Cap Value
IYVYXDelaware Ivy Value FundYMulti-Cap Value
IWGAXDelaware Ivy Wilshire Global Allocation FundAFlexible Portfolio
IWGCXDelaware Ivy Wilshire Global Allocation FundCFlexible Portfolio
IWGIXDelaware Ivy Wilshire Global Allocation FundIFlexible Portfolio
IWGNXDelaware Ivy Wilshire Global Allocation FundR6Flexible Portfolio
DTRIXDelaware Limited-Term Diversified Income FundAShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
DTICXDelaware Limited-Term Diversified Income FundCShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
DLTRXDelaware Limited-Term Diversified Income FundRShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
DLTZXDelaware Limited-Term Diversified Income FundR6Short-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
DTINXDelaware Limited-Term Diversified Income FundInstShort-Intermediate Investment-Grade Debt
DLMAXDelaware Mid Cap Value FundAMid-Cap Core
DLMCXDelaware Mid Cap Value FundCMid-Cap Core
DLMRXDelaware Mid Cap Value FundRMid-Cap Core
DLMIXDelaware Mid Cap Value FundInstitutionalMid-Cap Core
DVMHXDelaware Minnesota High-Yield Municipal Bond FundAMinnesota Municipal Debt
DVMMXDelaware Minnesota High-Yield Municipal Bond FundCMinnesota Municipal Debt
DMHIXDelaware Minnesota High-Yield Municipal Bond FundInstitutionalMinnesota Municipal Debt
CXHYXDelaware National High-Yield Municipal Bond FundAHigh Yield Municipal Debt
DVHCXDelaware National High-Yield Municipal Bond FundCHigh Yield Municipal Debt
DVHIXDelaware National High-Yield Municipal Bond FundInstitutionalHigh Yield Municipal Debt
FIUSXDelaware Opportunity FundAMid-Cap Core
FIVVXDelaware Opportunity FundR6Mid-Cap Core
FIVUXDelaware Opportunity FundInstitutionalMid-Cap Core
FPIKXDelaware Premium Income FundAAlternative Long/Short Equity
FPIMXDelaware Premium Income FundR6Alternative Long/Short Equity
FPILXDelaware Premium Income FundInstitutionalAlternative Long/Short Equity
IRSAXDelaware Real Estate Securities FundAReal Estate
IRSCXDelaware Real Estate Securities FundCReal Estate
IREIXDelaware Real Estate Securities FundIReal Estate
IRSRXDelaware Real Estate Securities FundRReal Estate
IRSEXDelaware Real Estate Securities FundR6Real Estate
IRSYXDelaware Real Estate Securities FundYReal Estate
DVEAXDelaware Select Growth FundAMulti-Cap Growth
DVECXDelaware Select Growth FundCMulti-Cap Growth
DFSRXDelaware Select Growth FundRMulti-Cap Growth
VAGGXDelaware Select Growth FundInstitutionalMulti-Cap Growth
DCCAXDelaware Small Cap Core FundASmall-Cap Core
DCCCXDelaware Small Cap Core FundCSmall-Cap Core
DCCRXDelaware Small Cap Core FundRSmall-Cap Core
DCZRXDelaware Small Cap Core FundR6Small-Cap Core
DCCIXDelaware Small Cap Core FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
DSGDXDelaware Small Cap Growth FundASmall-Cap Growth
DSGEXDelaware Small Cap Growth FundCSmall-Cap Growth
DSGFXDelaware Small Cap Growth FundRSmall-Cap Growth
DSGGXDelaware Small Cap Growth FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Growth
DEVLXDelaware Small Cap Value FundASmall-Cap Core
DEVCXDelaware Small Cap Value FundCSmall-Cap Core
DVLRXDelaware Small Cap Value FundRSmall-Cap Core
DVZRXDelaware Small Cap Value FundR6Small-Cap Core
DEVIXDelaware Small Cap Value FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core
DFCIXDelaware Smid Cap Growth FundAMid-Cap Growth
DEEVXDelaware Smid Cap Growth FundCMid-Cap Growth
DFRIXDelaware Smid Cap Growth FundRMid-Cap Growth
DFZRXDelaware Smid Cap Growth FundR6Mid-Cap Growth
DFDIXDelaware Smid Cap Growth FundInstitutionalMid-Cap Growth
DFBAXDelaware Strategic Allocation FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
DFBCXDelaware Strategic Allocation FundCMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
DFBRXDelaware Strategic Allocation FundRMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
DFFIXDelaware Strategic Allocation FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
DEGGXDelaware Strategic Income FundAMulti-Sector Income
DUGCXDelaware Strategic Income FundCMulti-Sector Income
DUGRXDelaware Strategic Income FundRMulti-Sector Income
DUGIXDelaware Strategic Income FundInstitutionalMulti-Sector Income
IDAAXDelaware Sustainable Equity Income FundAMulti-Cap Value
IDAIXDelaware Sustainable Equity Income FundIMulti-Cap Value
IDARXDelaware Sustainable Equity Income FundRMulti-Cap Value
IDANXDelaware Sustainable Equity Income FundR6Multi-Cap Value
VAZIXDelaware Tax-Free Arizona FundAOther State Municipal Debt
DVACXDelaware Tax-Free Arizona FundCOther State Municipal Debt
DAZIXDelaware Tax-Free Arizona FundInstitutionalOther State Municipal Debt
DVTAXDelaware Tax-Free California FundACalifornia Municipal Debt
DVFTXDelaware Tax-Free California FundCCalifornia Municipal Debt
DCTIXDelaware Tax-Free California FundInstitutionalCalifornia Municipal Debt
VCTFXDelaware Tax-Free Colorado FundAOther State Municipal Debt
DVCTXDelaware Tax-Free Colorado FundCOther State Municipal Debt
DCOIXDelaware Tax-Free Colorado FundInstitutionalOther State Municipal Debt
VIDAXDelaware Tax-Free Idaho FundAOther State Municipal Debt
DVICXDelaware Tax-Free Idaho FundCOther State Municipal Debt
DTIDXDelaware Tax-Free Idaho FundInstitutionalOther State Municipal Debt
DEFFXDelaware Tax-Free Minnesota FundAMinnesota Municipal Debt
DMOCXDelaware Tax-Free Minnesota FundCMinnesota Municipal Debt
DMNIXDelaware Tax-Free Minnesota FundInstitutionalMinnesota Municipal Debt
DXCCXDelaware Tax-Free Minnesota Intermediate FundAOther States Intermediate Municipal Debt
DVSCXDelaware Tax-Free Minnesota Intermediate FundCOther States Intermediate Municipal Debt
DMIIXDelaware Tax-Free Minnesota Intermediate FundInstitutionalOther States Intermediate Municipal Debt
FINJXDelaware Tax-Free New Jersey FundANew Jersey Municipal Debt
FINLXDelaware Tax-Free New Jersey FundInstitutionalNew Jersey Municipal Debt
FTNYXDelaware Tax-Free New York FundANew York State Municipal Debt
DVFNXDelaware Tax-Free New York FundCNew York State Municipal Debt
DTNIXDelaware Tax-Free New York FundInstitutionalNew York State Municipal Debt
FTORXDelaware Tax-Free Oregon FundAOther State Municipal Debt
FTOTXDelaware Tax-Free Oregon FundAdvisorOther State Municipal Debt
DELIXDelaware Tax-Free Pennsylvania FundAPennsylvania Municipal Debt
DPTCXDelaware Tax-Free Pennsylvania FundCPennsylvania Municipal Debt
DTPIXDelaware Tax-Free Pennsylvania FundInstitutionalPennsylvania Municipal Debt
DMTFXDelaware Tax-Free USA FundAGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
DUSCXDelaware Tax-Free USA FundCGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
DTFIXDelaware Tax-Free USA FundInstitutionalGeneral and Insured Municipal Debt
DMUSXDelaware Tax-Free USA Intermediate FundAIntermediate Municipal Debt
DUICXDelaware Tax-Free USA Intermediate FundCIntermediate Municipal Debt
DUSIXDelaware Tax-Free USA Intermediate FundInstitutionalIntermediate Municipal Debt
FITRXDelaware Total Return FundAMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
FITVXDelaware Total Return FundR6Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
FITUXDelaware Total Return FundInstitutionalMixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate
DDVAXDelaware Value FundALarge-Cap Value
DDVCXDelaware Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
DDVRXDelaware Value FundRLarge-Cap Value
DDZRXDelaware Value FundR6Large-Cap Value
DDVIXDelaware Value FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Value
DDIAXDelaware Wealth Builder FundAFlexible Portfolio
DDICXDelaware Wealth Builder FundCFlexible Portfolio
DDDRXDelaware Wealth Builder FundRFlexible Portfolio
DDIIXDelaware Wealth Builder FundInstitutionalFlexible Portfolio
DEMAXEmerging Markets FundAEmerging Markets
DEMCXEmerging Markets FundCEmerging Markets
DEMZXEmerging Markets FundR6Emerging Markets
DEMIXEmerging Markets FundInstitutionalEmerging Markets
DEMRXEmerging Markets FundREmerging Markets
DPLGXJackson Square Large-Cap Growth FundISLarge-Cap Growth
JSPIXJackson Square Large-Cap Growth FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Growth
JSPJXJackson Square Large-Cap Growth FundInvestorLarge-Cap Growth
DPEMXMacquarie Emerging Markets PortfolioEmerging Markets
DELPXMacquarie Labor Select International Equity PortfolioInternational Large-Cap Value
OAFIXOptimum Fixed Income FundACore Plus Bond
OCFIXOptimum Fixed Income FundCCore Plus Bond
OIFIXOptimum Fixed Income FundInstitutionalCore Plus Bond
OAIEXOptimum International FundAInternational Multi-Cap Growth
OCIEXOptimum International FundCInternational Multi-Cap Growth
OIIEXOptimum International FundInstitutionalInternational Multi-Cap Growth
OALGXOptimum Large Cap Growth FundALarge-Cap Growth
OCLGXOptimum Large Cap Growth FundCLarge-Cap Growth
OILGXOptimum Large Cap Growth FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Growth
OALVXOptimum Large Cap Value FundALarge-Cap Value
OCLVXOptimum Large Cap Value FundCLarge-Cap Value
OILVXOptimum Large Cap Value FundInstitutionalLarge-Cap Value
OASGXOptimum Small-Mid Cap Growth FundASmall-Cap Growth
OCSGXOptimum Small-Mid Cap Growth FundCSmall-Cap Growth
OISGXOptimum Small-Mid Cap Growth FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Growth
OASVXOptimum Small-Mid Cap Value FundASmall-Cap Core
OCSVXOptimum Small-Mid Cap Value FundCSmall-Cap Core
OISVXOptimum Small-Mid Cap Value FundInstitutionalSmall-Cap Core

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